Want a Good and Free Travel Guide?

Becky had a problem that may have been solved if she had known of a good online and free New Zealand travel guide to check out once she had arrived in New Zealand. It may not, in the big scheme of things have seemed like a large problem, but it certainly felt like it to her. On leaving Scotland she’d had enough room for two rather large guide books about New Zealand.

They were heavy and took up a fair amount of room. Room she needed for several pretty dresses, plus the knick knacks and the batik she’d picked up for a song at the markets. And there was still a day of shopping left. Sure she could ship them home but she wanted to hit the beaches she’d read about in a magazine. Clothes and no guide? Or guide and nothing to wear once she got there?

Fingers crossed she took out the books and left them at the backpackers. She’d heard they were often written by people who had been paid to visit certain places anyway, and one of the Kiwi girls she’d met in Bali said the information wasn’t that correct. What she needed was some independent online information from travellers just like her. Ones that understood how important those extra dresses might be for a New Zealand summer…

There is nothing worse than forking out a pile of cash for a thick book of out of date information. A free online New Zealand travel guide is the perfect accompaniment to a traveller if it has the following attributes:

– It’s written based on the comments and real life experiences of travellers just like you
– It’s not information they’ve been paid to provide, and it’s relevant
– It’s up to date, and is about places & people that are still going to be around when you get there.
– It’s not going to take over your luggage, leaving you more room for important stuff

If you want the best information for your trip, take it from people who’ve experienced it themselves and don’t have any hidden agendas for passing information onto you. Good advice doesn’t have to cost you any money – use a free online New Zealand travel guide and keep some extra cash in your pocket for more travel and / or space in your suitcase for those extra purchases like pretty summer dresses…